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Costinesti, Romania

About Ingens Risus

We are a non-governmental non-profit organization that aims to sustain the interest of the youth from rural and small urban areas and help them to develop key competences necessary in everyday life. We aim for strengthening the relationships between the people who come from minorities or different ethnic or social environments. Our organisation represents a fusion of two aspects: the need of having an instance for developing projects or activities and the sense of initiative which helped us in improving other activities in which we took part. Therefore, we decided in March 2017 to create an organisation which will contribute to the personal and professional development of the youth from minorities and which have fewer opportunities

About Talent Disclosure

Currently we do not have information about when this project will be implemented. You can read the summary bellow and if you are interested you can leave your e-mail and we will contact you with more info 🙂

Nowadays, in the era of information and images, youths are getting very easily distracted and have a hard way to channel down their focus towards a common goal. Exploring their hobbies and get disconnected from time to time from all their digital devices creates space for them to be more present and engage in real social interaction. An activity that contributes to improve focus and clarity is represented by juggling. This is a physical skill involving the manipulation of objects for recreation, entertainment, art or sport. It is perceived more as an activity done in circus, performed by trained people with years of experiences which created an image around juggling that it is almost impossible to be practiced by amateurs or merely as a hobby. However, in last years juggling transitioned from being only an activity performed professionally in order to entertain to have a social character, gathering people from disadvantaged environments and encourage them to work towards a common goal. 

 The benefits of practicing juggling are various, recent studies have shown that juggling boosts brain development. Research indicates that learning to juggle accelerates the growth of neural connections related to memory, focus, movement and vision. It helps young people that practice juggling to change their focus from a negative situation or their problems towards the present moment and give their best to improve their performance. When learning to juggle, one is immediately absorbed in the activity. It is almost impossible to think of anything but the task at hand. This makes it a great way to escape any worries, stress or hardships. In addition, it develops hand-eye coordination in ways that improve reaction time, reflexes, spatial awareness, strategic thinking, and concentration. This helps improve confidence as well as athletic ability. Nevertheless, juggling is egalitarian. It doesn’t discriminate by age, size, gender, or athletic ability. A ten-year-old is as likely to be a fantastic juggler as anyone else.

The specific objectives that we want to achieve by the end of the project are: 1. Explore talents in the field of juggling of 40 young participants from Romania, Czech Republic, Latvia, Hungary and Portugal by facilitating an international context of sharing experiences.

2. Empower the participants (direct beneficiaries) to promote juggling for improving focus and confidence boost in their communities.


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