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About Ingens Risus

We are a non-governmental non-profit organization that aims to sustain the interest of the youth from rural and small urban areas and help them to develop key competences necessary in everyday life. We aim for strengthening the relationships between the people who come from minorities or different ethnic or social environments. Our organisation represents a fusion of two aspects: the need of having an instance for developing projects or activities and the sense of initiative which helped us in improving other activities in which we took part. Therefore, we decided in March 2017 to create an organisation which will contribute to the personal and professional development of the youth from minorities and which have fewer opportunities.

About Learning is playing

Currently we do not have information about when this project will be implemented. You can read the summary bellow and if you are interested you can leave your e-mail and we will contact you with more info 🙂

This is a project in which we are partners with Legaramlat Nonprofit Kft.

Solving problems, whether they are interpersonal, social or organizational, always represented a useful skill. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) the top 5 skills employers will want the most in 2020 are: complex-problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management and coordinating with others. In this context young people need to develop these competences in order to increase their chances on the labour market and be competitive. Improvisation theatre brings into play the intersection of roles, relationships, status, personal experiences, economic and social/cultural forces that require reframe, rename and redefine problems in new ways. It involves capitalize what one has and make the most of it.

Although more and more the capacitated institutions and young people are aware of the need to require competences update it to the current societies’s realities there is a different practice. The accent in schools is still on acquiring knowledge and train memory, rather than develop practical skills useful both in professional and personal lives. Many young people after graduate, high school or university are confronting with the problem of adapting to the labour market and to the organizational culture of the company. Improvisation theatre develops skills that help people match to any environment or situation. This is the case of the youths from the 5 communities in which our partners activate.

The project idea came youths from our organization after participating to a non-formal festival and got to interact with the learning method of improvisation theatre. They became aware of the benefits this method can bring to their professional and personal lives. They recorded themselves practicing some improvisation games to promote the project idea and to find youths from other countries interested in such a project. They virtually got in contact with youths from BG, MK and CZ, a part knowing from previous projects and others being the first time when interact. They discovered that share the same issues in terms of confronting with shyness, social anxiety, and difficulties to find a job where to fit. In addition, they faced many rejections at job interviews because of their timorousness, low level of self-confidence and problem solving. Among them, joined also the RO group who wanted to get in such a project.

This project addresses the need of youths to acquire necessary competences to higher their professional chances and to adapt to any social, cultural, work environment. Moreover, by contributing to this all our partners are closer to achieve their aim of helping young people develop and increase their capacities in organizing non-formal activities and events for youths.

The goal is to create a safe learning environment for 40 young people coming from 5 partner countries to develop competences such as problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, team work useful for both personal and professional lives by using improvisation theatre.


O1.Use improvisation theatre as a mean to develop creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and team collaboration competences of 40 young people coming from HU, RO, BG, MK and CZ to higher their employment perspectives.

O2.Increase self confidence and adaptation to all kind of environments of 40 young people from the above mentioned countries in order to prepare them for professional and personal lives.

O3.Increase the capacities of the partner organisations to plan, organise and implement a KA1 youth exchange focusing on creative means to develop competences among youths required by the new realities of the labour market.

Our objectives are closely linked to:

1.The priorities of E+ by nurturing critical thinking and sense of initiative of youths through improvisation theatre, and by encouraging intercultural dialogue, diversity, create common understanding and working in creative ways with young people on the 8 key competences;

2.Aims of KA1: by improving the level of key competences of young people, including those with fewer opportunities, by involving youths with social and economic obstacles, as well as by cultivating the international dimension of youth activities, involving 5 countries with different cultures.

3.Europe 2020 goals such as the “Youth on the Move” flagship by facilitating the entry of young people in the labour market, as well as the “Agenda for new skills and jobs” flagship by empowering people through the development of their skills, aiming to increase labour participation and to better match labour supply and demand.

4.The Resolution on the European Union Youth Strategy 2019-2027 by facilitating and supporting development of young people through non-formal education..

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