Crucial Conversation

Crucial Conversation is a project funded by the European Commission under Erasmus+ programme that was initiated as a solution to tackle youth unemployment. The project reunited 7 organisations from Romania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Portugal and Lithuania and addressed a very specific cause of youth unemployment: the problem of low levels of communicational competences of young people in accessing labor market. An interlinked problem that was identified within the partnership was the low level of communicational competences of youth workers from the partner organisations in creating nonformal learning contexts that contributes to higher youth’s employability.


Our project comprised two mobilities:

First one, a training course took place between 18-26 April 2018 aimed to support 32 youth workers to master the complexity of the processes of organisational communication, process communication, intra and interpersonal communication in order to coordinate nonformal activities on communication that will boost local youths’ employability.

Second one, a youth exchange that took place 18-25 June 2018 aimed to develop key competences for 48 young participants by creating a context in which young people exchange ideas, values and perspectives on employment and the important role communication processes have in this field.


Projects’ objectives:

- Increase capacities of youth workers from the 7 partner organisations to use nonformal learning methods on communication in their work with young people to foster local youth employability;

- Empower youths from the 7 partner organisations to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes on the importance of the communication process in raising their chances to access the labour market;

- Foster the capabilities of the 7 partner organisations in using nonformal learning methods on communication to increase the employability of youths from their communities.

The project had both tangible and intangible results. The youth workers attending the training course developed key competences in communication which further translated in better internal and external communication of their organisations. Also, they are now prepared to organise and implement learning context for the youths within their communities that boost communication skills and contributing to an increase of youth employability. Moreover, during the training course were created new partnerships between the youth workers that lead to new common projects in the E+ framework.
Regarding the youth exchange, the young participants that attended the mobility developed through trans-disciplinary competences that translate in boosted chances to enter the labor market. They developed the capacity to identify challenges and opportunities in communication activities and to find solutions in a structured, coherent way. Through the organised sessions participants developed their spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship, public speaking capacity; learned how to interact in a nonformal context with other participants from a different country; and found out how they can benefit in the future from the fruits of an intercultural globalized world. .

Overall, the project contributed to a more qualitative work of the partner organisations and created a favorable context to develop new collaborations.