The project

The project "Core skills through kayaking" sprang from the need of four partner organisations: Ingens Risus, Aeroclubul Turbulencia, Klub vzdelania and Ifjusagi Nomad Klub to promote kayaking program activities through which young people can develop the 8 key competences. The topic addressed through the present project was to promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development, namely to create hands on experience for organisations and their staff to implement a kayaking activity program that develops the 8 key competences among young people and adults.

The main goal of the project was to increase the level of popularity of kayaking as a sport that develops key competences useful in today’s society in the three regions of our 4 partners and raise the level of preparation of expertise of the sport organisations and clubs in implementing kayak activities in their work with young people and adults until the end of the project.

The specific objectives set and reached by the end of the project are the following:

1. Increase the number of resources that contains structured information on kayak theoretical procedures and how to use it as a sport in order to develop 8 key competences among young people and adults. This objective was reached by creating the guide "Core Skills Through Kayaking" that contains practical information useful for organisations and their staff willing to implement kayak expeditions to develop key competences. The guide is free and accessible to coaches and organisations' staff, as well as to anyone who is interested in the project or kayaking.

2. Developing common approaches for the four partners on when, to whom and how to promote kayaking activities as educational methods to develop competences suitable for everyone. In order to achieve this objective it was organised a kayak expedition on Danube - the common river of the three partner countries - in order to collect practical information for creating the guide - "Core skills through kayaking". The expedition started on 23rd July, at the km 1868, in Bratislava (Slovakia) and ended on 17th August 2019 at Sulina, at the Danube discharge in the Black Sea (Romania).

3. Increase the number of synergies with local institutions (schools, universities, sport organisations/clubs and media representatives) in order to promote kayaking as an educational non-formal method to develop the 8 key competences and to set up the basis for future collaborations. The third objective was reached by unfolding a series of dissemination activities to share the results of the project, such as the guide and the promotional video.

Partner Organisations

Ingens Risus is a sports club that aims to sustain the interest of the youth from rural and small urban areas from the Harghita County and not only from this region, and to help into strengthening the relationships between the people who come from minorities or different ethnic or social environments. The activities of the club can be characterized as: promotion of non-formal education through sports, intercultural activities, supporters of volunteering in the national and international level, a help in developing the awareness and consciousness regarding different problems and the ambassadors of an active lifestyle as a mean to a fulfilling life.

Aeroclubul Turbulencia is a sport club founded in Miercurea Ciuc, Romania created by outdoor and nature enthusiasts. The members of the club have large experience in outdoor activities, from kayaking, mountain hiking, paragliding and rafting. The club has 45 active members, 1 kayak examination instructors and 2 kayaking assistant instructors. The club organizes sailing and orienteering courses in Harghita region. The club instructors are have more than 20 years of experience, gained in national and international the organised kayaking expeditions.

Klub vzdelania is an organisation established in Nitra, Slovakia that supports education (formal and non-formal) of young people through sport activities. The organisation is trying to educate people on various topics, especially culture, sports, environmental protection, social communication, entrepreneur topics and European values. KV is also promoting an active and healthy lifestyle by including young people in international projects to enrich their life perspective and opportunities and integrating them as much as possible.

Ifjúsági Nomád Klub is a nonprofit organization which has been established by fresh graduates formerly active in Erasmus Student Network (esn.org) during their university years. The aim of the organization is to promote global citizenship, traveling and active lifestyle via various intercultural and outdoor sport events. Its Members have professional work experience and expertise to coordinate and successfully implement a project in international youth field. The key staff involved in this project has wide experience in youth mobility and non-formal education since they have actively participated in more than ten former Youth in Action and Erasmus+ programs.

Coordination Activities

Transnational project meeting 1

It took place between 17th-20th February 2019, Romania, Bucharest. This meeting had the role to build the team and the working crews, as well to set up the framework of the working process.

Transnational project meeting 2

It took place between 20th-23rd July 2019, Hungary, Gárdony. The second TPM is aimed to support the coordination of the joint expedition and reunite project managers with expedition crew to discuss the final details of data collection and documentation of the joint expedition.

Transnational project meeting 4

It took place between 25th-28th September 2020, Romania, Bucharest. During this meeting were evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively the impact of the web-page, promotional video and the guide. Were evaluated the dissemination activities and their impact. It was also discussed the plan for follow-up activities and future projects about kayaking in the framework of Erasmus+ Sport. At the same time was analysed the impact of Covid19 in relation to our project continuity and sustainability of the project in the context of the Covid19 pandemic.

Transnational project meeting 3

It took place between 26th-29th June 2020, Slovakia, Diakovce. During this meeting were discussed the final versions of the guide and of the promotional video, the most important results of the project. Also was established the dissemination plan in order to promote and ensure the continuity and sustainability of the project in the context of the Covid19 pandemic.


Danube Expedition

• The expedition started on 23rd July in Bratislava, at the 1868 km in Bratislava, Slovakia.

• It took 26 days to paddle to reach Sulina, Romania where Danube discharge into the Black Sea.


Core Skills Through Kayaking Guide



Media Appearances