learn about theater

break a leg!


05 – 24 June 2021


Costinesti, ROMANIA



About the project

Recent scientific research posits that engaging young people with their emotions through arts such astheatre, is a vital part of personal development in any community.
In the first part of the project the participants can stimulate their creativity, thought process andexperience learning through theatrical instruments while acquiring the basics skills of theatre andassessing where they’ll fit best for the up following stages of the project.
In the second part of the project they will be empowered to create an entire play (script, scenery,costumes, music, acting and directing) from 0, to play it in front of a live audience, performance that willalso be recorded and disseminated properly on several video channels, themed sites and social mediaenvironments, ensuring it reaches its target audience and creates E+ visibility.


Work in intercultural ensembles; specifically enhancing abilities/competences of listening/respect towards others and exhibit a fundamental working knowledge of the basic areas of theatre art (acting, directing, design, voice, etc.)
Develop competences in oral language and expressive mechanisms (voice and physicality expression), develop understanding in psychological and moral analysis of a character (analytical aptitudes) and learn the elements of stagecraft and production
Create a theatrical play from 0 (script, scenery, costumes, music, acting, directing and recording), involving all participants, to be played in front of a live audience and recorded as an output for DEOR.

How is all going to look like?

Berak a leg is a youth exchange designed in three phases. Besides these, expect new freindships, cultural exchange, overcoming fears and developing yourself in a multicultural non-formal way.

Find more about youth excahnges here.

Are you convinced yet?

Have a look at this promotional movie made by the participants of a similar project about games and get a bit of the feeling of how is it like to be part of one 🙂


The Youth Exchange will take place in the beautiful youth resort of Costinești, located on the shore of the Black Sea. Costinești center is the largest youth summer vacation. After several days spent in the tourist resort realizes another specific Costinești: good mood. The youthful and refreshing way of life here can’t be found in other seaside resorts. The resort is situated in the south-eastern Romania, near the coastal strip, 10 m altitude above sea level and 28 km from Constanta.


For the accommodation, we will face the facility of Vila Dumy, a 2-3-star pension, situated at 200 m away from the Black Sea. For more information about the pension, please click here. The address is Albatrosului Street, no. 55 Costinesti, Constanta County. Accommodation will be arranged for two persons/room. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served at the same location every day. Each room has its own bathroom, modern furniture, and cable TV. There is a free Internet wireless connection available. There is also a limited wireless internet in the public area, the speed might be slow in comparison to your normal internet in your country. Please be prepared that you won’t get a proper internet access for the whole program.

Dissemination of the project results

Each group is expected to organize a dissemination activity once they return to their communities. The purpose of this activity is to spread the results of the project among other people. By deciding to take part in this project, the participants are assuming the responsibility of organizing the dissemination activity in their community. More detailed information about this will be provided during a dedicated session, in one of the activity days.


The participants are required by Erasmus+ program to have a valid travel insurance that covers liability to third parties, lost or stolen luggage and heath for the whole period of the projects including the travel days. Supplementary, we also recommend our participants to get the European health insurance card. You are free to choose your insurance.
Note: The travel insurance is mandatory, and without it we cannot accept the participation in the project.

How to buy insurance?

Just google travel insurance and get the one which you like the most. Prices are around 10 EUR per insurance.

General Information

✰ Weather conditions: in the area of Costinesti, the average temperature in July is between 22 °C and 30 °C. Please check accuweather.com for more updated information about the weather.

✰ Dress code: Casual comfortable sportswear, slippers or sneakers for indoor and comfortable shoes for outdoor activities. According to the meteorological release, we do not expect rain during our mobility, but you never know, so please pack warm clothes and waterproof jackets and shoes. The beach is 250 meters away from our location so packing your shorts and slippers might be a good idea.

✰Intercultural evenings: each country is expected to prepare a short program to present their culture and eventually to bring some typical local drinks and snacks. The intercultural evening is the time when participants have the opportunity to get to know each other’s culture better in an informal context. We encourage the participants to be as creative as possible in presenting their culture, to use theatre, dances or live presentations. We do not provide video-projector for this event and any kind of promotional video or power point presentation will be presented exclusively in spare time.

✰ Meals: we will provide you with three meals/day and two coffee breaks. The meals will take into account all the participants dietary aspects such as allergies, intolerance, and preferences. If you have any special requirements regarding food (allergies, intolerances, vegetarian, vegan, etc.) you are obliged to mention them in the application form. Otherwise, we might not be able to accommodate your requirements.


To minimize the risk of covid-19 infections we will hold as many activities as possible outside and accomodation will be done at maximum 60% of capacity. The whole accomodation unit will be rented only for the purpose of our project, without foreign guests.

Being a project applied in 2019, our budget does not cover the potential cost of covid-19 tests or other quarantine costs. We highly recommand you to get a covid-19 vaccine minimize even more any risk connected to covid.

Please check with your Emabssy whether or not you are required to have a covid negative test result to enter Romania and to go bact to your country without restrictions. If necesary, we will help you to get tested in a center before departure from the project.


No participant can arrive later than the arrival day or depart earlier than the day of departure. Skipping activity days is also prohibited. For participamnts coming from Macedonia and Bulgaria the transport will be arranged by us with a bus. The stops will be set according to each group. There will be maximum one meeting place for each country. More info about transport will be provided once the groups are selected.

Participants coming from Slovakia, Hungary and Romania will have to arrange their transport to Costinesti and back and the costs will be reimbursed after the project up to the amounts written in the table bellow.

Arrival in Costinesti: 05 of June 2021
Return from Costinesti: 24 of June 2021

How to buy travel tickets

If you are from Macedonia or Bulgaria you do not have to buy travel tickets, we will take care of that. More info about meeting points and tickets will be communicated after you apply.

If you are from Hungary or Slovakia you have to buy your tickets to Costinesti and back.

After you apply, a member of our team will get in touch with you to help you book your tickets. The process goes as follow:

1. You will show us what tickets you want to buy.

2. Our team member will approve them or help you find better options at better price and times.

3. You will buy your travel tickets up to the amount listed in the table bellow.

4. All the tickets bought online will be sent to us by e-mail in PDF format. If you buy the tickets from train station please send us pictures and give us originals in the project. All the tickets must be bought before project starts.

Tickets bought online and sent in other formats than PDF or bought after 04 June cannot be reimbursed.

5. You will be reimbursed for your travel once the project has ended after signing a reimbursement agreement.

Please send your tickets to info@ingensrisus.ro


1. Be aged between 18 and 30 years old.

2. Be a resident in one of the countries listed in the table above.

3. Have interest into the topic of theater.

4. Be present for the whole duration of the program and commit to be involved into the DEOR plan.

5. Be willing to get an insurance as described above.

5. Fill in the application form available bellow.

We will take care of the rest 🙂

NOTE:  The English level of the participants is not a criteria of selection, but a great opportunity for themselves to develop it, benefiting of help and support during all days of the project.

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