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Break a leg!

Pocuvadlianske Jazero, SLOVAKIA

About Ingens Risus

We are a non-governmental non-profit organization that aims to sustain the interest of the youth from rural and small urban areas and help them to develop key competences necessary in everyday life. We aim for strengthening the relationships between the people who come from minorities or different ethnic or social environments. Our organisation represents a fusion of two aspects: the need of having an instance for developing projects or activities and the sense of initiative which helped us in improving other activities in which we took part. Therefore, we decided in March 2017 to create an organisation which will contribute to the personal and professional development of the youth from minorities and which have fewer opportunities.

About Break a leg!

When we compare local communities across Europe, the issues affecting young people shift and change like a kaleidoscope. But recent scientific research posits that regardless of variation in local issues, engaging young people with their emotions through arts such as theater, is a vital part of personal development in any community.

Our project consists in two mobilities, which means we will select as much as possible young people who can participate in both of them. The first mobility-A1 will take part in Slovakia, where 40 participants can stimulate their creativity, thought process and experience learning through theatrical instruments while acquiring the basics skills of theatre and assessing where they’ll fit best for the following stages of the project.

The second mobility-A2 will take place in Romania, at the Black sea between where 40 participants (vast majority from the first part of the mobility) can create an entire play (script, scenery, costumes, music, acting and directing) from 0, to play it in front of a live audience, performance that will also be recorded and disseminated properly on several video channels, themed sites and social media environments, ensuring it reaches its target audience and creates E+ visibility. Due to the recent changes the pandemic caused we do not have the exact dates for the second mobility yet but we are planning it for September 2020.


  1. Work in intercultural ensembles; specifically enhancing abilities/competences of listening/respect towards others and exhibit a fundamental working knowledge of the basic areas of theatre: acting, directing, design, voice, etc.
  2. Develop competences in oral language and expressive mechanisms (voice and physicality expression), develop understanding in psychological and moral analysis of a character (analytical aptitudes) and learn the elements of stagecraft and production
  3. Create a theatrical play from 0 (script, scenery, costumes, music, acting, directing and recording), involving all participants, to be played in front of a live audience and recorded as an output for DEOR.

The profile of participants

This project is addressed to those who are normally deprived of wide access to information on personal and professional development. Lack of information on possibilities for that development may result in low level of initiative. Thus, the project responds to the need of young people to learn, develop and improve to empower them to take action regarding their current situation and future, to be more initiative. This opportunity is addressed to any youth interested in the topic of theatre as well as in the topic of directing, recording and putting together the elements of a theater play.

NO high level of English is required to participate; moreover, the project will help in the development of English speaking skills. None of the participants or facilitators are native English speakers, so there is nothing to be afraid 😊

From each country the partner organisations will try to maintain an equal number of boys and girls in order to achieve gender balance in our youth exchange. To be sure that gender discrimination, or any other discrimination for that manner excluded, the whole agenda of activities was designed to be gender neutral and not oriented in a such a way that a specific skill set would be required or would create an advantage.

Each partner will select the participants as follows

Country of origin Number of participants/ age Number of group leaders Name of the organization
Hungary 8 Participants aged 18-23 1 group leader aged over 18 ISZOSZ
Romania 8 Participants aged 18-23 3 group leaders aged over 18 Ingens Risus
Slovakia 8 Participants aged 18-23 1 group leader aged over 18 Obciansky Soplok
Bulgaria 8 Participants aged 18-23 1 group leader aged over 18 ICDET
Macedonia 8 Participants aged 18-23 1 group leader aged over 18 Volunteer Center Skopje

The results

On short-term the outcome is to successfully stimulate creativity, self-knowledge, self-expression and inclusion for all participants, plus to let everyone benefit from the experience of creating an entire play and playing it in front of people.

As for the medium-term results, this project will impact the participant’s view of theater and theater based learning as a real need in our lives, stimulate their abilities for invention, improvisation and an overall better use of their imagination, and possibly affect their educational choices for the future.

One core outcome that we all pursue is to influence the current perception of discovery-based learning, whilst also guiding participants to better express themselves, and be ready to work with a team mentality in order to accomplish a common goal.

Also, being an intercultural environment reuniting 5 countries participants will get to know other cultures and be more culturally aware and understanding. In addition, through methods used and team work participants will be having many dialogues that will give them the chance to practice their English and improve another valuable skill generally useful. Through the sessions planned the young people will develop their cultural awareness; learn how to interact in a non-formal context with other youths from a different country; find out how they can benefit in the future from the opportunities emerged after this YE. The Youthpass certificate will reflect their learning process.

Venue, accommodation and meals

The youth exchange will take place in the heart of Štiavnicke hills in beautiful Pocuvadlo, Slovakia which is a chill village next to Počúvadianské Lake, 10 kilometers away from the closest city, Banska Stiavnica, it the same time being the highest peak of the Stiavnice Mountains. It is considered to be the perfect place for relaxation and reconnecting with nature by the tourists who go there each year.

For the accommodation, we will face the facility of Chata Lodiar – which was recently renovated. Accommodation will be arranged for 2-4 persons/room, grouped by gender. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served at the same location every day, plus the coffee breaks. Each room has its own bathroom but towels and soap are not provided so please come prepared. For more information about the accommodation please click here.

Access to the internet: Unfortunately, in that region of Slovakia the internet services are not highly reliable. At the location, there is limited access to the internet (Wi-Fi). Please leave your work at home and do not rely on the Wi-Fi. Internet connection of good quality will be provided for the activities that required that.

Reimbursement of transport

Ingens Risus will assure the transport for the groups coming from Romania, Hungary, Macedonia and Bulgaria from Budapest Airport to the venue and back with a rented bus. The participants will have to assure their transport to Budapest Airport and they will be reimbursed after the project based on the travel tickets.

Make sure you arrive and depart:

Arrival in Budapest Airport not later than 23 of August 2020 at 18:00.

Departure from Budapest Airport not earlier than 03 of September 2020 at 11:00.

For participants from Slovakia, the transport will be assured by Ingens Risus with another contracted bus for both ways.

Before buying or booking any travel ticket to Budapest and bcak please consult with us and obtain our written approval so you make sure you will be reimbursed. If you need extra information, we are happy to offer our assistance to choose the best travel. You can reach us via e-mail at info@ingensrisus.ro or through Messenger here.

❗ The participant must be on the project for the whole duration and must attend all the sessions in order to be eligible for reimbursement.

Each participant will be reimbursed up to a maximum limit, based on justificative documents (plane ticket, boarding passes, bank extracts and/or train/bus ticket).

Country Total number of     people Distance band Maximum amount to be reimbursed
Hungary 9 100-499 km 180 EUR
Romania 11 500-1999 km 275 EUR
Slovakia 9 100-499 km 180 EUR
Bulgaria 9 500-1999 km 275 EUR
Macedonia 9 500-1999 km 275 EUR

Participants are responsible to ensure their transportation form their city to the airport of departure and these costs will not be reimbursed.

Examples of ineligible transportation: personal car/gas ticket, priority boarding seat reservation, additional luggage bought after the flight, business class tickets, plane tickets on longer routes, plane tickets with stops for one night or more, taxi, rented cars private transport companies, travel starting or ending in different country than than receiving organization’s country, etc.

❗The sums that are not used by one participant will not be transferred to other participants who exceeded the travel budget/person.

❗All the travel tickets, inclusively the ones for return must be bought before the project starts (23rd of August). We will not accept any tickets bought after this date. For electronic ticket/receipt/invoice, the document has to be delivered in PDF format. If it’s on a website, it has to be saved as PDF or printed into PDF. Screenshots or forwarded emails are not accepted, exception making the boarding passes.

Note: reimbursement will be done in EURO, regardless of the currency indicated on your ticket and receipt/invoice. If the ticket is bought in local currency, we will calculate your travel costs in EURO based on the exchange rates required by Erasmus+ programme. Each country will be reimbursed in maximum 30 days after we obtain all the necessary transport documents from all the participants from that specific country and after the realization of the dissemination activities.

For each country, we will make one bank transfer to the bank account of the partner organisation. The partner organisation will further divide the money among participants in cash or by bank transfer.

In order to be reimbursed each participant has to have the following:

‐Bank extract of the payment, attesting the value and date of the purchase.

For plane tickets:

-Electronic ticket or invoice in pdf format. Usually this is the confirmation e-mail you receive from the website where you make the booking. Make sure it has your name, the dates of travel, the route and the price on it.

-All the boarding passes in the original or electronic version in pdf. This is the smaller document which you receive when you do the check-in. When you are doing the check-in online usually it comes in pdf in your mailbox or on the phone app of the airline. The boarding pass is the document which has your seat number on it and it is scanned at the gate.

‐Bank extract of the payment, attesting the value and date of the purchase. You can generate this from your online banking account.

For bus or train tickets bought online:

-Electronic ticket or invoice in pdf format. Usually this is the confirmation e-mail you receive from the website where you make the booking. Make sure it has your name, the dates of travel, the route and the price on it.

‐Bank extract of the payment, attesting the value and date of the purchase. You can generate this from your online banking account.

For bus or train tickets bought with cash:

-ticket or invoice containing the dates, route and price in the original.

❗All the participants will have to provide the organizer with the proof of the travel insurance and proof of the dissemination activities implemented by them.

NOTE: A ticket is not eligible without the name of the passenger, the price, and the dates of the travel and the route of travel. If you have revived a an e-mail from the fly company which is missing one of these details it means the e-mail does not represent the right confirmation and you have to ask them for it.

Dissemination of the project results

❗Each group is expected to organize a dissemination activity once they return to their communities. The purpose of this activity is to spread the results of the project among other people. By deciding to take part in this project, the participants are assuming the responsibility of organizing the dissemination activity in their community. More detailed information about this will be provided during a dedicated session, in one of the activity days.

Coronavirus measures

Our project will be implemented under protection measures aimed to prevent any risk of someone contacting and spreading the virus. By being selected you give your accept to comply with the safety measures imposed by the organizing team and the group leaders.

  • On arrival, the corporal temperature of all participants will be measured as well as at the beginning of each activity day. In case any participant is found with temperature above 37.3 °C we will announce the national health authority who will proceed for a test. In this period, the participant will be accommodated in a room separated from the rest of the group.
  • The group walks in the community for groceries or other purposes will be limited. Please understand that any interaction with persons outside of our group is a risk. However, the accommodation is the middle of the nature and the possibility to interact with other people are very low.
  • We will place sanitizer devices around the place, together with the recommendations of World Health Organization about the protection measures to be taken on personal level.
  • Accommodation will be done in rooms which respect the standards imposed by the government.
  • We will do our best to have as many activities as possible outside. For the activities implemented inside you are required to wear mask. Please make sure you bring at least 10 protection masks with you.
  • We recommend you to bring hand sanitizer.


The participants are required by Erasmus+ program to have a valid travel insurance that covers liability to third parties, lost or stolen luggage and heath   for the whole period of the projects including the travel days. Supplementary, we also recommend our participants to get the European health insurance card. You are free to choose your insurance.

Note: The travel insurance is mandatory, and without it we cannot accept the participation in the project.

General Information

✰ Weather conditions: in the area of Pocuvadlo, the average temperature in August is between 18 °C and 29 °C. Please check accuweather.com for more updated information about the weather.

✰ Dress code: Casual comfortable sportswear, slippers or sneakers for indoor and comfortable shoes for outdoor activities. According to the meteorological release, we do not expect rain during our mobility, but you never know, so please pack warm clothes and waterproof jackets and shoes. There is also a SPA center with a pool in our neighborhood so make sure you pack your swimming suit as well.

✰Intercultural evenings: each country is expected to prepare a short program to present their culture and eventually to bring some typical local drinks and snacks. The intercultural evening is the time when participants have the opportunity to get to know each other’s culture better in an informal context. We encourage the participants to be as creative as possible in presenting their culture, to use theatre, dances or live presentations. We do not provide video-projector for this event and any kind of promotional video or power point presentation will be presented exclusively in spare time.

✰ Meals: we will provide you with three meals/day and two coffee breaks. The meals will take into account all the participants dietary aspects such as allergies, intolerance, and preferences. If you have any special requirements regarding food (allergies, intolerances, vegetarian, vegan, etc.) you are obliged to mention them in the application form. Otherwise, we might not be able to accommodate your requirements.


The partner organizations must send us all travel documents before beginning of the mobility. The travel document is the only valid proof of someone’s participation. In case any of the participants will miss any deadline (for the application or for sending us travel documents) or the partner fails to confirm its participants by the deadline, we reserve the right to choose different participants from any of the partner countries for replacement.

20.07.2020 – Partner confirmation of final list of participants.

30.07.2020 – All travel tickets must be bought and sent to us.


If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us here via messenger or write us an e-mail at info@ingensrisus.ro and we will get back to you asap 🙂

How to apply?


In order to apply it is enough to fill in the form bellow and a member of our team or from the partner NGO in your country will get in touch with you. We are not responsible for wrong or incomplete data you introduce in the form. Once you have all this done you can submit your application. Before applying please carefully read the application form and make sure:

  1. Your data such as name, e-mail and date of birth is correct. Making mistakes will automatically translate into wrong information on your certificate received at the end of the project and we cannot change that.
  2. You use no other e-mail address than yours and you have access to it.
  3. You specify us if you prefer a vegetarian or vegan menu-this cannot be changed during the project and if you have any allergies or intolerance.


Financed by the European Union. The content of this publication does not reflect the official opinion of the European Union. Responsibility for the information and views expressed in this publication lies entirely with the author(s).

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