s a non-governmental non-profit organization that aims to sustain the interest of the youth from rural and small urban areas from the Harghita County, but it is not limited only to this region, and to help into strengthening the relationships between the people who come from minorities or different ethnic or social environments.

The organisation represents a fusion of two aspects: the need of having an instance for developing projects or activities which will chase our main goal; and the sense of initiative which helped us in improving other activities in which we took part. Therefore, we decided in March 2017 to create an organisation which will contribute to the personal and professional development of the youth from minorities and which have fewer opportunities.

The name
of the organisation


he name of the organisation represents our main goal in the simplest way possible: the big smile of the youth to whom we are addressing all our activities and the feeling of belonging to a new community, an international one, in which they can find support, friends and a lot of pieces of advice.

In addition to that, our team and our activities can be characterized as: promoters of non-formal education trough intercultural activities, supporters of volunteering in the national and international level, a help in developing the awareness and consciousness regarding different problems and the ambassadors of tolerance as a way of being and acting in every situation.



n order to help focusing on our main aim, we set a list of objectives that will be respected in all our activity:
1. promoting intercultural dialogue;
2. preventing the risk of marginalization and social exclusion of young people with fewer opportunities;
3. encouraging young people and adults to engage in international mobility;
4. promotion of European culture and values among young people and adults;
5. developing and promoting tolerance and non-discriminatory behaviour;
6. promoting of outdoor activities and sports.