Talent Disclosure

Cultures through Arts


Currently we do not have information about when this project will be implemented. You can read the summary bellow and if you are interested you can leave your e-mail and we will contact you with more info 🙂

 The goal of the project is to increase social inclusion in 6 communities and further by equipping 48 participants from Hungary, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia with competences for building intercultural dialogue through visual arts.

We aim to increase awareness in 6 communities about intercultural problems and influence attitudes of 48 participants to the positive side towards people of different culture, country, ethnicity and religion. A second objective is to raise skills, knowledge and attitudes of the participants in creating visual art as a powerful tool for building intercultural dialogue and fostering social inclusion. Last but not least we want to broaden outlook of the participants by fostering their values of freedom, tolerance, respect for others and sense of belonging to their communities and Europe.


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